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Come and visit our gastronomical facilities. We provide food at best value and quality. The choice of dishes and foods provided is diverse and well balanced. Our kitchen offers classic and rustic as well as sophisticated dishes. The menus are adjusted seasonally.

A great variety of drinks, bread rolls, cake, snacks and coffee specialties is part of our culinary programme.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and wish you “Guten Appetit!”.

Delicious + fresh

We use high class produce form the region because this means short transportation ways, good quality and freshness. Most meats are bought from local butchers. We also use seasonal products for our dishes, some of them organic quality.

We put much emphasis on sustainability in our gastronomic facilities. We try to actively live and shape our responsibilities towards humans, animals and the environment.

Enjoy delicious and fresh food!





  • BIO

    The Studierendenwerk is certified as an organic facility. The Bio-seal (organic-seal) stands for the use of produce from eco-friendly agriculture and food processing. We use a variety of organic produce in our gastronomic facilities.

  • Fairtrade

    We also carry fair trade products, such as ground coffee, coffee beans and the “Lemonaid-lemonade”.  

    The fair trade-seal stands for products that come from a fair line of production according to the worldwide fair trade standards. This way, small farmer cooperatives are receiving more stable prices, more long lasting and transparent trade relationships and an additional bonus for community projects. The standards also include a democratic organization structure, conservation of the environment and secure labour conditions. The producers are always at the centre.